MWM Designs jewelry is handmade and can be delicate.  Please treat it with care to insure its longevity.

Do not shower, bathe or swim with jewelry on.

Please avoid unnecessary exposure to heat, moisture, body lotion/oils, cleaning products or other chemicals as they can all be damaging to the jewelry.

Carefully adjust adjustable rings as too much bending can weaken and break the ring shank.

Be aware that all laser engraved acrylic pieces can easily be scratched.  Please keep piece(s) away from sharp objects.

Due to the nature of clear acrylic some discoloration may occur over time.  Please avoid unnecessary long exposure to sunlight.

Resin can chip and be scratched.  Please carefully avoid hitting jewelry on hard surfaces.

Sterling Silver can tarnish due to a variety of reasons.  To clean Sterling Silver, gently rub piece(s) with a jewelry cleaning cloth.

To clean Gold Vermeil jewelry, gently rub with a soft and dry 100% cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth.  Please be aware that due to the nature of plating some Vermeil will wear over time.

It is recommended that you store all MWM Designs jewelry in its original packaging.